Our Team

  • Gerard Craft

    Consulting Chef

    “Some foods taste so much more complex when cooked on a wood fire. Grilling is a universal technique so the menu reflects many different cultures but the food will be heavily influenced by the grilling mecca of South America.”

  • Tiffany Gilmore

    Assistant Executive Pastry Chef

    “It’s all about the ‘wow factor’, from striking patterns to repetition of design elements, to sizes and shapes scaled to impress, there are a myriad of elements that we can use in pastry."

  • India Stevens

    Cinder Bar Supervisor

    "We have so many high-quality products at our fingertips: a kitchen full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and an array of spirits from around the world. I like to play with ingredients to see where they take me – from trying unlikely spirit combinations to playing with the acidity levels of fresh citrus."

Cinder House Red Flame